Oral Administration of D-aspartate, but not of L-aspartate, Reduces Food Intake in Chicks

Edi Erwan, and Shozo Tomonaga, and Taketo Ohmori, and Yuta Mutaguchi, and Toshihisa Ohshima, and Mao Nagasawa, and Shinobu Yasuo, and Yoshinaga Tamura, and Mitsuhiro Furuse, (2013) Oral Administration of D-aspartate, but not of L-aspartate, Reduces Food Intake in Chicks. Journal of Poultry Science. pp. 164-171.

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In the present study, we determined the effects of oral administration of L- and D-aspartate (L-Asp and D-Asp) on food intake over a period of2haftertheadministration, as well as its effects on the concentration of L- and D-Asp in the brain and plasma. Chicks were orally administered different levels (0, 3.75, 7.5 and 15 mmol/kg body weight) of L-Asp (Experiment 1) and D-Asp (Experiment 2). Administration of several doses of L-Asp linearly increased the concentration of L-Asp, but not of D-Asp, in plasma. Oral L-Asp somewhat modified the levels of L- and D-Asp levels in the telencephalon, but not in the diencephalon. However, food intake was not significantly changed with doses of L-Asp. On the other hand, D-Asp strongly and dose-dependently inhibited food intake over a period of 2 h after the administration. Oral D-Asp clearly increased D-Asp levels in the plasma and diencephalon, but no significant changes in L-Asp were detected. Brain monoamine contents were only minimally influenced by L- or DAsp administration. We conclude that D-Asp may act as an anorexigenic factor in the diencephalon. Key words: brain, D-Aspartate, food intake, L-Aspartate, neonatal chick, plasma

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