Abdullah Hasan, (2018) LANGUAGE LEARNING & TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR YOUNG LEARNERS. Cahaya Firdaus. ISBN 978-602-5432-18-7

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This book is especially presented for teachers or teachers to be as a reference or a concept to implement in teaching and learning process. Many teachers realize that engaged teaching and active learning are desirable. Moreover, the school curriculum of Indonesia keeps on changing, and the last one is the 2013 curriculum revision 2016 using communicative approach which claims the teachers to be more active, creative, and innovative to prepare the teaching materials to be presented to their students. Teaching encourages the students to ask questions and look for answers based on the first and the second steps of scientific approach, to apply what they have learned in order to solve the problems, to listen and interact to each other and debate ideas politely and constructively for three other steps of Scientific Approach. This is teaching students that can provide authentic materials to use in their lives. But knowing that these things are important is not the same thing as knowing how to make them work in the classroom with a crowded syllabus, short class periods and many students in a classroom. The book of LANGUAGE LEARNING & TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR YOUNG LEARNERS comes about to satisfy the need in the schools for deeper learning, life long learning that the students can use and make them not only better students but more productive members of society. It also comes about in order to teach “the small ideas,” as one teacher calls them. The “small ideas” are how to actually teach for active, creative learning and critical thinking in real classroom. The big ideas are the lofty proclamations about how important active, creative, effective, joyful learning and critical thinking which are in accordance with 2013 curriculum.

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